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Action Medical: Medical Assistance Program

Imagine a father, mother, son, daughter or relative suffering from miniature treatable illness with basic medical attention, but ends up dying because there is no medical care available. Or the person reached the clinic/ hospital that doesn’t have the medication and equipment to give the appropriate care to save his life.

There are no health insurance, nor a hospital with an advanced medical technology; but just a trained medical personnel with a great compassion to save their people’s lives. Action Jesus Christ International is responding to that call. Action Medical, is the medical, health and wellness program of Action Jesus Christ International to supply medical equipment, medications and other important medical assistance to existing clinics and hospitals, and build new clinics in areas which don’t have one in Africa and other third world countries.

By the grace of God, an organization wants to be a partner in this program and help supply medical equipment and medications. All they need from us is the shipping cost of the medical equipment and medications. We ask for your financial support in this mission project to make it a success. Please consider giving generously towards this project. Thank you!

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