Our leadership team is composed of spiritual, trained, and experienced Christian leaders, who care about God’s great commission and people. This dedicated team is led by Pastor/ Evangelist Willie Yeboah who has been in ministry for over 25 years with a deep understanding and experience in evangelism and missions.


Willie Yeboah

Founder - President

A GIFT OF GOD. Willie Yeboah is an evangelist, author, poet, songwriter, and entrepreneur. For over 25 years, as evangelist, he has shared the Gospel and power of the Lord Jesus Christ with countless people through personal evangelism, mass crusades, camp meetings, seminars, and many other evangelistic endeavors. People’s lives are always transformed under the anointing of the Holy Spirit that flows as pastor Willie Yeboah ministers. His passion for soul-winning is always seen through his daily activities, which always target the accomplishment of the great commission.

A CHANGE OF COURSE. While growing up, Willie had the desire of becoming an artist, explicitly a Vedette of reggae music, and he pursued the dream as he was writing many songs and participated in the city and school art (music and painting) contests and won some prizes. But at the age of 16 during a conversation he had with a younger Christian girl on water baptism, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in the end.

Just after he was saved, he abandoned his longtime career dream, a path his father never wanted for him because of the perversion of the worldly music industry, and wanted him to become an automotive engineer. Quickened by the readiness that comes from the Gospel, Willie started preaching to his parents, siblings, friends, and classmates in school. He seized every possible opportunity to share his “brand new experience” with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit with people. Quickly, he started looking for ways to advance in soul-winning. To that end, he wrote tracts and made cassette tapes which he was giving people on occasion to read or listen to. All his efforts to be a good disciple of Christ led him into a more committed relationship with God and His great commission. Chosen, separated apart, and called by His grace, he sensed the calling of God on his life, which was later confirmed by pertinent revelations.

AN UNSTOPPABLE VISION. After the necessary training and four years of personal evangelism and hard work to fulfill the calling of God on his life, in 1994 Willie founded a group and named it Christ Disciples Association to take the Gospel to all the creation. Willie and his team held several open-air crusades and revival meetings in which, God was present confirming His Word with a mighty manifestation of His salvation, healing, and deliverance power. The zeal was unstoppable despite the financial burden and challenges; therefore, the sacrifice was so real, but the joy of seeing multiple lost souls being saved and delivered from the devil’s power to the power of God covered all challenges. In early 1995, pastor Willie changed the name of Christ Disciples Association to Action Jesus Christ International. Since then, he has been engaged in full-time ministry. Pastor Willie is also the founder and lead pastor of Living God Christian Center.