Reach the World With the Same Gospel In a Different Way

Currently, our evangelism efforts are targeting rural and unreached villages in Africa and other parts of the world, which most evangelists have never heard about and eventually will not go– Remote areas that are only known and can be reached by the local Christian communities. Right now our focus is on Africa, from North to South, and from West to East. Action Jesus Christ International is positioned to mobilize, empower and equip local ministers and Christians to reach every area in Africa with the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the Hope of Africa and the World

Why reaching Africa with the full Gospel is so important? History reveals that Christianity reached North Africa in the 1st or early 2nd century AD., and the Christian communities in North Africa were among the earliest in the world. Christianity was brought from Jerusalem to Alexandria on the Egyptian coast by Mark, one of the four evangelists in the Bible, in 60 AD. This was around the same time or possibly before Christianity expanded to Northern Europe.

Even though it’s rarely mentioned, the Gospel, the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ has brought great changes to Africa spiritually and physically. Christianity was one of the instruments God has used to bring considerable changes to Africa. It pulled Africa from many dark situations like slavery, notably instigated by the antislavery crusade. It sent a wake-up call to Africans, Kingdoms, and Empires about the love of God and the wickedness of man’s heart. This, not only brought new opportunities but also subverted and sabotaged powers. Education and literacy came to Africa via Christian missions, and that was just the beginning of the many blessings that Africa would experience through the Word of God. Over the years, Africa has developed to becoming independent and gradually civilized.

Having in mind the good things that the Gospel, the Good News brought to Africa, we can only believe that the best is yet to come when all the areas of the continent of Africa are reached with the salvation message and power of God almighty, the creator of the universe through Jesus Christ the savior of the world.

In this, we invite you to partner with us to mobilize and empower the Christian communities in Africa to bring about the expansion of the Kingdom of God and build a better future for Africa spiritually and physically.