Churches Adoption

Rural Churches Support

Helping local churches in third world countries to attain independence and stability
in order to reach their communities for Christ

The Churches Adoption program comprises a circle/ team of churches, Christian groups, individuals and businesses adopting less privileged churches, Christian communities and organizations in third world countries; especially in Africa to reach stability in order to reach their people for Christ. Just as adoption is the act of taking something on as your own, the Churches Adoption Program is put in place to serve as an avenue for supporters to connect and help churches in poor and remote areas of the world.

How does the churches adoption program work?

Action Jesus Christ International introduces you to a church after reviewing and investigating to confirm the authenticity of the church. Then we connect you with the church in order to consider adoption. We may suggest a few churches to you to adopt, but we leave sponsors to decide which church they want to adopt and support based on their interest, the needs of the church to expend and how they are led by God. After making your first donation to the church, a communication line is opened between you the church to exchange about how they are doing the things your sponsorship is helping them to achieve.

What does the church do with your donations?

The accomplishments of your donations will vary from church to church since the needs of one church might not be the needs of the other one. But in general, your sponsorship will help the church meet their assembly or meeting place needs such as meeting place or building construction, evangelism, agricultural development and various artistic ventures to help the church become financially independent and be able to help members in need and reach their communities for Christ without too much struggling.