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Our methodology is simple: Equip the locals to reach the locals. Big Gospel crusades are great and are needed for some reasons; however, they have their demands. In fact, it takes thousands or millions of Dollars to organize one single Gospel crusade. Truth to be told, not everyone in some rural areas will have the means and opportunity to attend these big Gospel crusades one way or the other. Reaching immense and remote areas in the world, especially in third world countries requires the local ministers, churches and organizations continual efforts. In effect, our methodology is to help the local Christian communities to reach their people with the Gospel and the love of God.

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From the Locals to the Locals

The power of unity is a vital instrument for world evangelism. Each one of our programs are executed in collaboration with local christian ministers, churches and organizations. Each of the participating churches not only participate in the programs, but also offer their inputs for successful crusades, rural evangelism, sustainability and medical programs. They have the opportunity to have their church members and groups offer their time, talents and any spiritual and physical support they can provide to make each program successful in reaching souls. In return, souls are won for the kingdom of God and followed up by the local churches and ministers to make sure these souls are taught the Word of God in fullness for their spiritual grow and wellness.

Equip the local ministers and churches

Equipping the local ministers and churches is not just limited to Bible schools and training. We provide them with materials and financial support to reach their people when and where needed if available. This resolves some of the problems or obstacles of missions and evangelism. The locals can go to areas we can’t go, they easily can reach the unreached in their own languages and cultures, they can bond with their own people more than strangers for the rest of their Christian walk and discipleship.

Churches Adoption

The Churches Adoption program comprises a circle/ team of churches, Christian groups, individuals and businesses adopting less privileged churches, Christian communities and organizations in third world countries; especially in Africa to reach stability in order to reach their people for Christ. Just as adoption is the act of taking something on as your own, the Churches adoption program is put in place to serve as an avenue for supporters to connect and help churches in poor and remote areas of the world.

Sustainability Programs

The Lord Jesus Christ did not only preach the Gospel to the poor, but he fed them as well (Matthew 14:13-21). This was a clear indication that he not only cares about the souls of God’s children well being, but also cares about their physical needs. With this understanding, our efforts are not limited to just preaching the Gospel, but also sustain God’s children as much as we can through our sustainability programs such as feeding, clothing, clean water and sanitation provision, medical aid, agricultural equipment and classes/ training to help the saints become independent and sustain themselves.