History and Mission

In 1994, pastor Willie Yeboah founded a group and named it Christ Disciples Association to take the Gospel to all the creation. Pastor Willie and his team held several open air crusades and revival meetings in which, God was present confirming His Word with a mighty manifestation of His salvation, healing and deliverance power. In his own words, “The zeal to preach the Gospel was unstoppable despite the financial burden and challenges; therefore, the sacrifice was so real, but the joy of seeing multiple lost souls being saved and delivered from the devil’s power to the power of God covered all challenges.” In early 1995, pastor Willie changed the name of Christ Disciples Association to Action Jesus Christ International.

The Gospel mission is our charge. Our passion is to fulfill the great commission. Our vision is a saved world through the preaching and practice of the Good News of the Lord Jesus.

Preaching the Gospel is great. But living it changes everything in our lives and touches others. To us, missions is letting Jesus Christ live and manifest in us around world to change lives spiritually and physically. Over the years, our mission endeavors sphere has enlarged beyond just the preaching of the Gospel. We want the world to not only hear about the love of God, but also see and experience it through our human sustainability programs such as emergency relief, feeding, medical and educational programs. This is what is concise in our motto, “The Salvation of God to All the Creation”.

Our Core Values

  • Faith, Belief In God
  • Loving God and People
  • Reverence to God, and Respect to All people
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Forgiveness
  • Vision of a Saved World
  • Dedication to Serve God and Humanity
  • Preserve the Integrity of God's Word
  • Lifting Jesus to the Nations, Not Us
  • Professionalism and Organization
  • The Value of Time
  • Financial and Material Accountability
  • Wisdom, Intelligence and Knowledge